Frontier VFX CG Supervisor Jin Yan Cheng
19 September 2022



Frontier VFX is excited to welcome Jin Yan Cheng to the team as CG Supervisor.

A creative talent, technical maestro and proven leader, Jin has made a name for herself across the CG pipeline.

Taking her first step into the industry as a sculptor, working on asset creation and build for both character and environments, Jin quickly showcased strong detail-oriented skill and a photo-realistic style.

Jin says she was drawn to Frontier by the studio’s commitment to remote work adding that work at Frontier “feels more balanced – we’re able to work on show and pipeline tasks simultaneously.”

“I chose to pursue a lifestyle further away from the city,” says Jin, “so the opportunity that Frontier provides, especially during the pandemic, appealed to me right away,” adding that working exclusively on a remote pipeline provides exciting new opportunities to learn and grow in VFX.

Jin has lent her skills to a diverse array of productions including WandaVision, Vikings, The Witcher, and of particular pride, the environment work on Netflix’s Enola Holmes due to “the scale of the work and the positive feedback [Jin’s team] received on the photo-realism of the VFX.”

Jin says her passion for VFX stems from the opportunity to take someone else’s vision and add her own personal touches, both creatively and technically, to deliver visually dynamic content as efficiently as possible. 

“We’re very excited to welcome Jin to Frontier,” said VFX Supervisor Luc Julien. “Her experience across a wide range of projects fits perfectly with our studio and she will be an incredible asset to our team.”

Jin’s past projects include: Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Hellboy, Vikings, American Gods, The Shape of Water, WandaVision, Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, Jupiter’s Legacy, Enola Holmes, The Witcher.

I chose to pursue a lifestyle further away from the city so the opportunity that Frontier provides appealed to me right away