Frontier was born in 2020 from the idea that high-end visual effects work and a human approach can overlap, which has powered us to deliver thousands of shots for marquee productions including The Gray Man, The School For Good & Evil and The Witcher.

Frontier was created by putting people at the heart of the process. Our mission is to create a positive environment for our clients and our people, promoting collaboration and creative excellence.

We specialize in seamless environments, assets, FX and compositing that bring bold ideas to life on screen.


we started with, the vision.

Here at Frontier, the individuality and diversity of our growing crew is front and center to our culture, bringing all walks of life together to strive towards personal and collective awesomeness.

How do we do this? We stay humble, passionate, driven and don’t sacrifice the joys of life to pursue excellence. We simply make time for both.

We do it like this…

Quality of life. Being a part of the Frontier team allows us to pursue life and all its epicness. VFX is our jam, but we also need time to pet our fur babies, dominate our volleyball leagues, or master the bassoon.

Here, we make sure our team has the time to pursue ALL of their passions, all from the comfort of their unique spaces.

Skilled and


Our team cares massively about VFX and the way we do it.

Driven by the pursuit of excellence and not afraid to challenge the status quo, our highly-skilled team is pushing the envelope on what VFX can be.

we're in this


The diversity of our team is a huge part of what makes us awesome.

We are committed to an equal opportunity environment where diversity and inclusion are more than just words.

Our people are our greatest asset and we strive to empower them to be their authentic selves and to ensure a sense of belonging for all.

Equity, diversity and inclusion are fundamental.


Every Superhero has an alter ego… introducing FUNTIER, Frontier’s cooler, funnier, Culture-focused other half. VFX is serious business, but here at Frontier we know that community-building doesn’t have to be. Each week we host a variety of events to help connect our remote team.

Events like Funch, our weekly lunchtime debate show, spark heated debate on everything pop culture and Funtier Friday caps off our week with a fiercely competitive game show and more. Helping people to feel connected, no matter where they are, is at the heart of our culture.

meet our

dream team

Tara DeSimone

Managing Director

Luc Julien

VFX Supervisor

Francine Fontaine

VFX Producer

Rayane Smayra

VFX Producer

Jin Yan Cheng

CG Supervisor

Steve Wigmore

CG Supervisor

Nicole Glen

Compositing Supervisor

Vincent Mak

Compositing Supervisor

Mike Williams

Production Department Manager

Tasnia Matin

Human Resources Manager

Logan Schwartz

Lead Pipeline TD

Evelyne Cote

Lead Compositor

Justin Rader

Lead Compositor

Boris Martinez Castillo

Lead Compositor

Nicolas Beausoleil

Lead Compositor

Toru Ikegaki

Lead Lighting Artist

Isabelle Clermont

Lead VFX Editor



1411 Rue Peel
Suite 300
Montreal, QC H3A 1S5