2 March 2023


The work from home model is in our DNA.

With a mission to showcase that working in VFX can coexist with having your well-being and personal life intact (And yes, it is possible!), it was a no-brainer to  offer our team a permanent work from home (WFH) environment where they are empowered through choice. Having our team work from anywhere within Quebec, bi-pass the stresses and wasted time that comes with commuting, and gain more flexibility and time to do what they love most, is a must have as a people first company.  Whether it’s cooking a fresh lunch, playing the piano when you have 15 minutes to spare or getting some love from your furry friend while you are mastering your craft… we want to be providing these possibilities for our team.

This is all a great  theory, and it can seem quite fluffy. At Frontier we bring this vision to life by looking at WFH from a big picture perspective. It’s a given that the right tools and workflows need to be in place to deliver work. The complex part is creating a flourishing remote environment and culture that does not compromise on the team’s experience and connections with each other. This is what we call being “Remote Plus”.

The work from home model is in our DNA. We go beyond the standard, remote-due-to-pandemic necessity and its after effects. It is an added value that enriches  our culture and directly influences our success as a team. This is why we are constantly looking at ways to enhance what remote work can look like. 

Being Remote Plus means being intentional about WFH and counter balancing the challenges we may encounter. In creative industries we often hear you cannot drive a work culture around creative collaborations if you aren’t together in person. We are proud to say we have proved this to be untrue! It has been an exercise of reimagining how this work can be done. Whether it’s our Funtier Fridays, optional studio space, Slack channels to post recipes and  pictures of our pets or throwing virtual  snowballs at each other to keep things silly, we are connecting on the personal and work.

What does work from home our way look like?

At Frontier, we do everything “our way”. 

WFH our way has been about establishing a positive environment fueled by collaboration, support, connectivity, learning and growth.

WFH is  about redefining  and bettering the way we work; take for instance, the addition of a virtual studio to enhance our collaboration and communication. We  are confident we  will deliver  high quality VFX, through the skill and creativity of our team, not by where we are seated.

WFH can help cultivate an environment where people can comfortably bring their authentic selves to work, be heard and feel their impact. We don’t want our team to feel isolated behind a screen. We are proud to say we have members of the team who have been working together for over three years and, despite never meeting in person, they have established strong professional bonds, trust and have worked together to further shape the work we do.

At Frontier, we do everything “our way”.