Picture of Frontier VFX interviewee Alexandre Tremblay
19 September 2022



Every fortnight we’re going to sit down with one of our wonderful Frontier people to get stuck into their life, their career and their top tips for the next generation of VFX talent coming through. This time out we’ve sat down with Alexandre Tremblay who, as 2D Supervisor, oversees compositing work on some of our biggest projects.

Since joining Frontier, Alexandre has made his mark on our growing 2D department and is helping to head up a major feature film project we have underway in 2022. 

We sat down with Alexandre to ask him a few questions about life at Frontier:

Can you tell us a little bit about your background in VFX?

With a background in video editing, I got interested in VFX after seeing The Matrix in 1999. I started to learn as an autodidact, reading the user manuals of compositing software. I got my first job in 2006 and quickly became interested in scripting to create tools and automate processes. I have always been a more technical than artistic artist, although with experience my eyes got trained. I started to lead sequences around 2015, and since then leant towards compositing supervision, and occasionally VFX supervision.

What most excited you about joining Frontier?

I was excited to work on Netflix titles and having the ability to communicate with their software developers. The work from home element was a big plus being a father, not to mention finding a good balance between work and family time, since at Frontier we do make sure that overtime is very rare rather than standard practice. Another good plus is the unlimited vacations, and a very competitive insurance and saving plan.

What is the valuable thing about being work from home for you?

Oh there are a lot! No more traffic and parking madness to go to a studio – I get back three hours of my life every day! I am always home, so I can have lunch with my kids, I can take a 5 minutes break during the day and fire up the oven for supper, and when the day is over, it takes me 30 seconds to get home. If I left any unfinished business that is due before the next day, I can jump on my workstation at any time to finish it and get back on the couch in 10 minutes!

What moment/project is your proudest in your VFX career?

300, Race, Star Trek Beyond, X-Men: Dark Phoenix and See would be the most challenging projects I have worked on.

What most excites you about the future of remote work at Frontier?

We have a talented team, which is growing fast, and we have the opportunity to work on the most interesting titles from Netflix. Plus, the culture is strong at Frontier, they make sure everyone is happy and feels part of the family, and this is important to me!

The work from home element was a big plus being a father, not to mention finding a good balance between work and family time