We are looking for Production Manager to join our talented team. The successful applicants will work on an exciting range of upcoming high-profile original Netflix films and series.

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In this role you will be responsible for the support and organization of shows and projects by leveraging your management and scheduling skills to ensure successful delivery and client satisfaction.

Running the daily production meeting with latest updates consolidated from information from the coordinators; flagging any major issues that the team as a whole should be aware of

Overseeing the Production Team in the successful delivery and receipt of all data pertaining to each job, including keeping a log of data received and sent in conjunction with the IO team

Strategizing an overall plan for the schedule in tandem with the VFX Supervisor & Producer based on client requirements.

Creating and assigning crew to tasks in tandem with VFX Supervisor, based on awarded work and agreed-upon strategy

Maintaining a healthy schedule by keeping it up-to-date and accurate via Coordinator and client updates; checking for and cleaning dependency violations; being aware of bid overages, targets & deliverables

Ongoing daily check-ins with Coordinators to ensure there is a firm understanding of the day’s strategy and any client deliveries/crucial targets; being aware of big picture scheduling flags

Checking daily for any past due tasks and following up with VFX Coordinators for clarification on any details regarding delays or concerns with an artist’s abilities to complete tasks on schedule

Risk management – mocking up best and worst case scenarios of a schedule; presenting them as needed to the Producer & Supervisor to validate the best course of action

Sending weekly crew reports to the Producer & Supervisor for every project to make recommendations on crew based on current pace and amount of work. Flagging if the project is missing crew or can release crew.

Managing team workloads by re-balancing tasks within parameters of the schedule & flagging for OT where needed

Sending weekly status reports to clients outlining deliverables and chasing outstanding elements & feedback where applicable

Responsible for client communication regarding targets & deliverables
Ensuring Supervisors are reviewing new elements from clients

Helping to onboard new starters to NetFX & Frontier platforms as needed

Upkeeping morale of the production & artist teams; ensuring that the project is running smoothly as a whole; that the team is working together as efficiently and respectfully as possible

Calling meetings where necessary to ensure team has clarity on action plans

Encouraging and enforcing a respectful and professional work environment

Encouraging and enforcing the Frontier work/life balance culture

Assist wherever possible in the scheduling of dailies reviews through the correct booking channels.

‘Ensure all weekly documentation is completed to the satisfaction of the Producer.

Anticipate and raise any concerns regarding goals and deadlines based on the daily activity of the artists

Manage the reception and distribution of content within the team and to clients.

Managing and nurturing the progress and development of Coordinators & PAs; identifying gaps in knowledge to find solutions to best support individuals


Ability to communicate with internal and external parties clearly and succinctly, in both written and oral formats, to express ideas and explain complex concepts.

Ability to form positive and long-term relationships with key department heads and colleagues.

Ability to manage projects by , establishing goals, holding others accountable for timely completion of responsibilities, while performing at highest potential.

Proficient abilities in ShotGrid


Effectively organize and manage the project schedule and daily schedule

Communicates to key stakeholders when deadlines or project cannot be delivered and redirects priorities effectively

Maintains good rapport with artist and supervisors and can work collaboratively

The ability to effectively communicate and get buy-in on project strategies; the ability to successfully execute project strategies


Forms of positive client and customer relations and acts as a trusted advisor to them. Works in partnership with clients/ customers to provide proactive, forward thinking and customized solutions to their needs and problems.  Maintains high degree of client satisfaction to maintain long term partnerships and is committed to continuously improving the general customer experience. 

Communicates with people outside the organization, representing the organization to customers, the public, and other external sources. This information can be exchanged in person, in writing, or by telephone or e-mail.

Manages one’s own time fairly autonomously with the direction of the Producer. Must exhibit a strong sense of urgency and be able to handle multiple assignments simultaneously, under pressure and with rigid deadlines.

Analyzes information and evaluates results to choose the best solution and solve problems. Makes process and tool development suggestions.


Ability to communicate with internal and external parties clearly and succinctly, in both written and oral formats, to express ideas and explain complex concepts. 

Ability to form positive and long-term relationships with key department heads and colleagues. 

Ability to manage projects by , establishing goals, holding others accountable for timely completion of responsibilities, while performing at highest potential.

Proficient abilities in ShotGrid


Work from home, based in QC


Various contract durations available




Depending on experience


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At Frontier we believe that our strength lies in our differences. These help us to take different perspectives, challenge norms and create a special environment based on mutual respect. Frontier is an equal opportunities employer. Employment with us is based on a person’s extraordinary talent and potential. No candidate will receive any less favourable treatment based on their age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual preference or any other factor that has no bearing on an individual’s ability to perform their job.